Updating the Green Map Icons

It's time to co-create Version 3 of the world's only universal symbol system for maps. The process began at our first global Green Mapmakers meeting, where we realized we needed a carefully-crafted, inclusive process. Interim discussions took place in many locales, culminating in development of this website.

Our goal is to give every Green Map project a voice in the updating process. Thanks for taking part. Think global!

(If you are not a registered Green Mapmaker and have suggestions or questions, please contact us). A bit more about the March 2007 voting is here.

Voting Process - MARCH 2007

We’re pleased to announce Phase 3 of Icon Update is now underway! Please participate in March! Voting will end March 31. Your votes and comments will advise the completion of the set. Later, once we have refined the set again with your Phase 3 input, you will be asked to vote again.

Your votes and comments will advise the completion of the set. Later, once we have refined the set again with your Phase 3 input, you will be asked to vote again.

There are 2 ways to vote, but each Mapmaking project should only vote one time. Click and Vote for the design you like for each option, either online at Green Map Icons Version 3 or on a spreadsheet. We think this can be done in less than 30 minutes.

The spreadsheet shows the full set and options created after Phase 2 input was reviewed. It’s a good resource for you, even if you are planning to vote online. In Excel, you can change the viewing size to guage how well they scale down or up.

Since the website collects the outcomes automatically, we prefer that you vote online.

Process Schedule


March 2007

Start voting online at Green Map Icons Version 3. You may also download this Excel spreadsheet and follow the instructions included in the document. You can vote on it, save and send to soon@greenmap.org by March 31!

March 31, 2007
All voting ends.
Watch for the next round of voting and release of Green Map Icons, version 3, followed by Poster production and public debut of products and multilingual resources in late Fall - early winter.

Project Coordinator: Soon Chung Lim • Website coordinator: Ciprian Samoila

Latest News
Icon Report Up!!
By gms - April 22, 2006
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Thanks to all of those who participated in our global Icon survey!!

We analyzed the results from the worldwide Icon Update Survey, and created a 50-slide Icon Report for the purpose of using this as a basis for developing Green Map Icons Version 3. The Report presents information and opinions collected from the Mapmakers and the project members. We expect to disseminate the new Icons in Spring 2007, and complete all other Icon posters, products, etc by early 2008. 

Special thanks to Ichiro Kihara who flew in from Hiroshima, Japan in a busy and freezing month of February to help us with making the report.


Deadline extended
By gms - December 27, 2005
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The deadline for Icon Update is extended to February 1st.

it's Icon Update season!
By gms - October 8, 2005
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The Icon Update process and website were launched on Friday, October 7th. Read More...

Historical News!
By Wendy E. Brawer, Founding Director, Green Map System - September 3, 2005
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With new understanding of sustainability and diversity, and hundreds of new people and communities involved in Green Mapmaking since our 1999 update to version 2, it's time to update the Green Map Icons.
The process began in December 2002, where 22 Mapmakers from 14 countries began the discussion.

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